Looking back..

2 years just came and go.. Looking at the old posts, I found my posts quite fascinating. Cute and childish. Squee, look at the selection of words, illustration, and tags. I can not believe that I published Belle’s FACE on the internet without asking her first. SORRRYY I violated your privacy!

I just replaced the title and the theme with the original. Excluding the tagline. I can’t remember it, so I just wrote “i forgot the tagline”.

For months, I have kept this private because I thought that the posts are stoopid (mistake intended) and forgot about it. Now that I remember about it, I “returned” (actually, that word is too “romantic” but I can’t find a better word) the blog to its glory. (That doesn’t sounds right.. Where did I read about that? Something about ancient bloody wars? Argh.)

When I’m writing this, I’m 13 years old, but when I write the post before this, I’m 11.

Time went too fast.

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A New Year, A New Taste

A new age (11) and a new year (2013) makes a new taste. One of it is programming, especially with Scratch —>
My programming taste increased, and I began to learn HTML now, and I almost know really much about HTML. Now I focused on CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, and cute creative navigation bars. CSS is really interesting, because how CSS could not just help you style webs, but also help you make interactive text and image galleries.

But still, no matter how simple Scratch is, it’s in my heart. Not only I love to program with it, but also I love the great communities, friendly and helpful. Since Scratch is created for kids, I loved to share jokes with peoples who loved jokes. I have even selected as the 102th curator! Not a pretty number, but I’m lucky already being chosen; It’s a chance ONCE in a life. Once you be a curator, you can’t be one again.

At first I kind of jealous at (username) StarscreamClone, who got the 100th, or ImagineIt, who’s 101th. But now, I’m not. At first I hate my username, Rumanti. but I love how unique and “strange” it is to pure “english-speakers”.

Programming is still like that: Created to help peoples, a thing the peoples are amazed at. I can’t help feel excited when I discover @font-face, where you could use “global” fonts that are put to “global” servers and could be viewed, no matter if the user have install the font or not. text-shadow still amazes me. It could make you embossed, 3d-ey. even glowing texts, beside old shadows.

Whenever you’re a programmer, a browser (people that browse, not the browser itself, like firefox, opera, etc.) or anything, as long you uses the computer, a programmer really helpful to you 🙂

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Happy Birthday!

Soo,…Who? Didn’t you, remember? KittyBelle! Happy Birthday….Btw, KittyBelle, your birthday goes with chinese new year!


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I found my cat!

Well, not really found her- BUT I found her photo! It’s KittyBelle, who died in the age of two months!

My dad found her on 10 February 2012 and we adopt her. But then one day I can’t find her at 29 March 2012. Then, we found her died on 31 March 2012. It’s really sad 😥 I know she didn’t dare yet to go outside, BUT we found her pretty far from home.

Soo here it is, the best cat in the whole wide world…!Image

Bye KittyBell 0:'(


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Here Again…

O, cool, I turned out to be 11 on 23 dec 2012 but I haven’t updated this little blog because the Wi-Fi are verrryyy slow for some reasons.

OK, who cares? I’m here, listening to the light drops of the rain and pressing the keyboard…slowly…(Ahh, I hate typing lessons!) and…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Uh, It’s really late anyway. And about my birthday- I ate junk food and stuff…And everyone says; You’re nearly teens! Yes, I MAY be teens now, but sometimes I don’t like the “Teens” word.

New Year? Yes, it’s really fine! And I got some resolutions for the year.

  1. Send some books to orphanage or something…The house’s piled with books!
  2. Make 3,000 (not mean) comments in
  3. Gaining Weight. (You poor kid…only weight 25 kg…)
  4. Save more money. (I spent to lot on Ice Creams. :3 A cone costs $0.50 and a Stick costs $ 0.20 to $ 0.80.

Oh, that’s for now. BTW, will you notices some updates?? :3


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A Realistic Horror Story

Aww, LOL. That’s what I can do now. But before, it’s a “horror” story. Imagine that I watch a horror movie? If I am, why would I put “” in horror in a sentence before? WHY? 😄 Why, I’m joking around here.

“Sun began to shine at 5;00 AM; I’m awake. There are loads of boring jobs to do. Packing clothes into containers, and packing a lot of BORING STUFFS. OK. Finally, on the car seat, I enjoyed my “horror” movie.”

It was November that time. On Europe and around, it’s almost/already wintertime. But in tropical countries are different. It’s Rainy days. So, still in my city, we watch boring, shiny, floods. Because our cars are SHORT, sometimes our WHOLE car are hit by ‘waves’ from other cars/bus. Those muddy drops looks like Hot Chocolate, for me, but Milk Coffee to Dad.

That’s still simple. But during afternoon, rain falls harder. The grey of cloudy sky sometimes mix with grey road when we go uphill; Lightning streaks really close, and the wet, sloppy, road looks like dark mirror. Then, suddenly, the road lights turn off! Bad news are, we’re driving trough woods and fields. Only a few houses looked. After a few minutes, we arrive at a Cafe for a break. But the light turns off, and we have to read the menu for 15 minutes in the candlelight. Plus, the candle’s full of small bugs!

“That WAS a HORROR movie!” -Mom

But the next morning looks like in happy endings in tragedies movies. Black birds in V-s fly around beautifully. Sky’ll makes photographers want to photo and photo. Fields full of rices- complete with their yellow flowers. And I really enjoy my ride.

After we past our movie, it’s time to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

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A Little Memory of Chocolate Bars

Stop it! Yeah, I try to stop my silly habit…Just imagine!

Last Saturday, we go to a Super Market. It looks like a good time to have some of our pocket money! So my sister bought a fruit-flavor gum and I bought three bars of chocolate. I spend Rp. 3000. (I spend 1000 on each chocolate bar) A USA dollar is about 9000 IDR. (Indonesia Rupiah) But I’m not an officer, so what I’m doing here, writing about moneys! So, here I am, spending Rp. 3000. I love chocolates, and can’t live without them. I had chocolate eyes…Once I saw a piece of chocolate clay piece. I was about to pop it to my mouth, thinking it was a chocolate!

Once I get home, I had a bath. Then I quickly tore one of my Chocolate bar, asking my sister if she want some. She certainly have some, and I bite my chocolate as slow as I can, but it gone to my tummy in lest than a minute.

That night I got Chocolate opened again, and I ate it whole, this time all by myself. Then I just think I got a new record. 2 Chocolates in three hours!

The next morning is the next time I tore to ate it, but I plan to ate it in three days, Not 14 hours! :/

Sweet, huh?

I wish I had another now…I think I’m going to pop another chocolate chip now!


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Hey, Brother!

Whew! After six years of growing with a little sister, it’s time for a brother!

Yes, a little, (not really little, actually…) brother. A little fat one. He’s already five months, but I still growing inpatient with him.

I know it’s bad…I feel left out…and the feeling of jealous grows…

I try my best to stop it, for the same thing happens when my little sister born…
Hey, stop that! What are you writing here? This place is not for silly-billies!

Okay…Well, he’s a cute one…(Honest!! He’s really…really cute! xP)

And sometimes, (Are you sure it’s sometimes? No. Haha,) he makes me laugh!

He’s now try to talk…bruff…and blow…Once I was really mad at him for crying all day long…(Not all day long…What a mean sister!)…And I bump and jumping at bed! (We’re not really allowed to jump in bed actually…) He stop…and laughed!

And this is my favorite…Once I was singing. He watched, and he went saying “Ooowaa…waa…waoawa…” Sounds like singing.

Having a brother have likes and unlikes, that drove me into a great new life. Haha!

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My Taste in Jazz and the Modern Musics

4 October 2012

I pressed my finger on the buttons…and came out sound…
I move my head and eyes to see a certain spot…
…And move my hands to another spot…

And hearing what came from my Piano…

Oh no…

My hands move to a wrong spot!

My eye is seeing the wrong thing!

And the song is messy!

You know what that means…

It means I still had to practice!

Well…this song is Jazz…I don’t like jazz…

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Below The Snow

When the winter comes,
and the plants looks sad.
When everything is cold,
and the trees looks dead.

Even if everything sparkle clean
you’ll see a beauty seen.

You’ll find happiness,
no less.

Dig a patch of snow,
and you’ll see something grows.


There’s no snow in my island, but there’s a bit in my country. (At Papua.) But I never saw real life snows but I’m sure these poems are true. I think there’s. like, grass or weeds seeds or something under the snow.


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My Ways of Answering Maths

Maths…? I had to answer that…? Not really, I learn to answer that, not answer that or learn that but both.

Yes, that’s what inside my head…

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New Colorful Poem! (Tittle: When I’m traveling.)

I’m having a new way of writing! Hope this going to be good!

I’m going to write a poem!read the rest

With my body I swim trough the lake,
On one of the trees near I saw a snake.

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The Twinkling Stars (The Poem)


The stars really twinkled last night!

I open the window and saw the moonlight,
Shines, in the dark night.

But, it’s not alone, for I saw stars, twinkling.
‘There’s must be a lot!’ I think.

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Another Poem I’ve made

Another Poem I’ve made

A valley full of roses, everybody knew.

Rays of sunlight, came trough the window,
And past the morning dew.

Run to the top of hill, and saw the rising sun. And to home…I run.

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The Nature Trail (A Poem)

I’m watching the wild birds flew, As I walk under the sun.

When the rabbits hop,
the wild ponies run.

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